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Artistic course no.1

In the 80s, against all odds, he finally goes to Paris to begin the fight of a lifetime, the one he will have to lead to become an artist ... but to survive, you have to learn and to approach the masters, we have to find funds. He then offered his maintenance services to an American travel company, which offered him the opportunity, in February 1986, to participate in the renovation of the most famous of all the replicas of the Statue of Liberty (on Île aux Swans in Paris, near the Grenelle bridge).


Facing New York He kept the ineffable memory of the drunkenness he had in defying the Ministry of Finance, while he took his lunch break sitting in the crook of the arm of the great Lady, tracing the sketches details in a notebook, ignoring the ban on freezing any image of this site under high surveillance. This experience will then lead him to the American art school, where he works morning and evening and where he studies day and night, for two and a half years.

Offer to drink and see n ° 1

From 1991, he moved to Thionville in the Moselle, on the border of the German border, where he trained in welding and learned four processes allowing him to sculpt with different metals and to earn a living while financing his vocation. artistic.

The first Corkspeople were born on March 14, 1992, on a cold late winter night. After emptying two bottles of red wine, while his fingers made the corks dance, the artist began to think of the people around him, of those he met, of those who inspired him ...

In 1992, he changed course and became the owner of a small cultural café nestled in the small village of Weileiweiler, in the Saar region (one of the sixteen Länder making up Germany). We run from afar to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Café Filou and the days are loaded with efforts and anecdotes. However, during these years, he continued to produce and exhibit his works.

Thus, his works, sold to private collectors in Germany (Weileiweiler, Berlin), France (Thionville) and Luxembourg, earned him a prominent place in the German press at the Saarbrücker Zeitung.

Offer to drink and see n ° 2

In 1997, he left to recharge his batteries in Brittany and, the following year, exhibitions in a large café and in a cultural center in the suburbs of Rennes, led him to an interview with the regional television news.

Between sand and concrete 

He left for the Caribbean Sea for a month's rest in 1999, where he stayed for seven years, during which he lived off exterior and interior design contracts, while continuing to bring the Corkspeoples to life. He is also exhibiting his work for the inauguration of CORIDA , one of the best advertising agencies in Martinique (Caribbean).

During this period, he returned regularly to New York, which he had frequented since 1989 and where he exhibited at the Pioneers bar (a large Irish pub in Manhattan) in 2005 and sold several paintings.

In 2006, he returned to France where he spent two years of fallow, but he ended up responding to calls from the sea and set out again for New York, finally deviating his route further north, towards Montreal (Canada), where he decided to land his suitcases.

Boreal excursions 

Marked by the passage from one continent to another, this period provoked a brief foray into a new aesthetic universe, that of sculpture. Thus, for lack of space during the crossing, he gave up painting, his preferred language, for a while, and explored other mediums through which to pour out my bubbling creativity. He was immediately drawn to the softness, shine and flexibility of aluminum.

In August 2008, he made an exhibition in a restaurant in the city of Verdun, then followed the Noroit to Notre-Dame-du-Nord, in Témiscamingue (2009), and went to the gold and Nunavut diamond. There he discovers the comfort of solitude, as well as the splendor and harshness of the climate, with winter temperatures often below -55 ° C.

Between 2011 and 2013, he agreed to act as official photographer at the Rodeo du Truck de Notre-Dame-du-Nord and covered heavyweight races. It was during this time that he crossed the Ontario border, living in Haileybury and exhibiting in New Liskeard until 2014.

The point of attachment

From 2015, he anchored in Montreal and discovered the charms of Taiwan, where he returned regularly, exhibited a sculpture at the Ty Lee Pens store, and sold several paintings. Thus nourished with coastal images and intoxicated with oriental vapors, he continues to populate the universe of Corkspeoples and devotes himself to the creation of luxury furniture, including an office dedicated to writing.


In 2018, he hit the road again towards Notre-Dame-du-Nord to initiate a daring project to transform a truck cabin into a privateer boat, the Osprey, which he successfully completed in November 2020.

In July 2021, an exhibition will take place at Montreal museum and art center .


Back in Germany in September, he launched into a collaboration with the company Kirk's Total Wine to offer unique works to their customers.


At the end of October, it will have been highlighted during the exhibition of these works at the wine and gastronomy fair in France, which gives it an advertisement in a local media called radio laser.

An artistic journey
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Presentation no.1

Franck, born April 16, 1966 in the most illustrious corsair city in Europe, on the west coast of France named Saint Malo. He grew up and bathed in the smells of oil paint and turpentine.

Trained from an early age in classical drawing and figurative painting by a check illuminator father, Franck anchored his creative bubble in the Brittany of his childhood, on the windy beaches of the French west coast.

Isolated in a feminine world and growing up under the affectionate benevolence of a grandmother who compensates for the escape of parents who are too busy, he is destined very early to become an art creator, but he suffers the incomprehension of a dreadful entourage. to see him choose a future of poverty and grayness. The year of his 12 years, while the storm thunders and shakes the family home, he is sent to boarding school at the private college Saint-Magloire, in Dol-de-Bretagne, whose  the rigorous methods deeply mark his left-handed adolescence forced to meet the standards of the right-handed majority.


Relentlessly preserving his moments of solitude, he escapes as often as he can into a world where the imagination  occupies a major place.






"the landscapes alternate with men in cork or images all in blue, because each work represents, so well known, a very specific phase in the artist's life and creativity!"

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